During my late night study sessions and all-nighters I begin to feel sleepy, slow, and unmotivated. Whenever I feel this way, I love blasting Beyoncé to help me pull myself together and motivate me to finish the task at hand. So, in the middle of my essays I’ll jump up and dance to “Get Me Bodied” to ease my stress while bugging my sleeping roommate.

Beyoncé’s music is so upbeat and energetic it gets me pumped! Her voice is so powerful it’s impossible to not get emotional and completely into the song. Every emotion is conveyed and understood through her voice. Her music is honest and real, it makes her relatable and human. Listening to Beyoncé is like listening to a good friend: she lifts your spirits, gives you something to think about, and empowers you to do and be all you can be and more.

Her lyrics speak a lot about empowerment, being confident, and being healthy. While I get dressed in the morning, I listen to her and she helps me feel great about myself. I keep her words in mind so I stay feeling absolutely fabulous throughout the day. (Someone throws a dirty look my way? That’s all right; I’m fabulous you can’t keep me down!)She sets an example for women and girls everywhere by being beautiful in a healthy manner. She’s sexy without being stick thin and teaches us to be confident in ourselves.

Sometimes people become too confident and also become arrogant, yet Beyoncé has remained humble in spite of her accomplishments. She’s fully earned the accomplishments because she is her own boss by doing things her way and doesn’t let others stop her from reaching her goal. I hope to someday be more like her because it is a trait I truly admire. By working hard now, I also hope that I may someday reach my goal of helping and putting a smile on people’s faces around the world like she has and continues to do. I know she has inspired other people besides me to do the same thing, which makes me think we will one day live in a better place.

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